by Maskros

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Written, performed and recorded by Maskros in the first half of 2014.

Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, CA.

Special thanks to our friends in Metropolis and Fitness Forum Saia for providing us with locations to record in; Darja Linder for her help with the design work; and lastly to Jack for his great work and patience.


released July 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Maskros Saarbrücken, Germany

Thank you for listening.
Michael, David & Max.

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Track Name: Deception
Each and every day I run to get from one place to the next one that I do not care for and I donot want to be at. Consuming my time that I would rather spend right instead of lying to people about what I think they are.
Track Name: Depletion
The images of all I loathe: the things that were, and will be again. And it will be again.Trying to prevent it is like trying to stop the tide from coming back in. There is just a last breath until the wave breaks. Trying. Fighting. Fading. Drowning. As long as there is thought in me - I am; as long as I am there will be thought in me.
Track Name: Perpetuate
Living life just to live. From the midst of it you call me. Pleas to break out, to be free - do it just to be myself. The voices rise, the voices become one. Destruction, your actions. I feel like giving in to find out what it means. Destruction, self-consumption. The final sip goes down the
throat warming my chest just for the night. A futile chase to contain the warmth on the inside. The scars I have are mine to bear, marks for every choice I made. They will never fade away. Until my last day, they are part of me.
Track Name: Void
You are struggling with the firm grip of routine at your throat. The strings that keep you moving - cutting your flesh. You are feeling hollow, no memory of when there was warmth. And your aspirations have long been lost on this path you did not choose.

Stuck in a dreadful act. Each and every day the directors chair is empty. Whose seat is it,anyway? The stage is covered thick in dust. My eyes hurt. When rain pours it washes off the dirt of this forsaken place. The sore skin revealed cannot be soothed. It all will surface bare and cold.
Track Name: .
There is no joy in staring at the dancing dust in the light - a tear in the past that night. The try to rebuild a relation collapsed in vain. This time it does not seem to heal at all. No flakes, just blood. Pretend that I cannot feel it pour. It is the only thing I know. My head is up but my hopes lie crushed on the ground. I do not want anyones help for now. This is for me to overcome.